The acoustic response of your environment often has as large an impact on your experience as any other element of the system. The acoustic environment and the audio reinforcement system are truly one integrated system and need to be considered as such. The acoustic signature of the room can be affected by wall surfaces; acousto-electric enhancement systems; the nature of music performance; and the accuracy of loudspeaker systems. We address all of these concerns in a system design.

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  "While I was an Associate at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Mark was extremely helpful in evaluating the sound system for our Praise group. He helpled us understand what was going on in the room acoustically, and what we needed to do for sound reinforcement of a live band. He not only put the sound in good order, he also did a good job training our tech people so we could continue the fine sound we were getting.  His services were retained to reconfigure sound in the Westminster main sanctuary which was a delicate and complex situation involving the spoken word from the pulpit, the choir and bell choirs, community chorus, symphony, and even live jazz. The sound was vastly improved and more flexible, while still maintaining the unique worship decor of the main Westminster Sanctuary. Following retirement I have been worshipping at Trinity Presbyterian Church in West Sacramento. We invited Mark to evaluate our sound system there with dramatic improvement...... Through his analysis of our existing system, we were able to make much better use of the multiple speakers we already had and he saved us a ton of money!"



The Reverend John L Robinson, former Associate Pastor

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Sacramento, California