Schematic Design


This is where the design starts to take shape. We deliver the initial power and conduit requirements to your architects and confirm that our systems don't conflict with other systems in your facility. At this point we have a very good idea of where everything goes, the size of the tech booth, etc… We'll also issue the first "Bill of Materials" describing each piece of equipment and its function.


At this and subsequent phases we will be delivering the documents to the architect in CAD form and to you in CAD or .pdf files for your review.


Design Development


At this point we have a "good faith" design in place. We know what you're getting, what it's going to cost and where it's going to be installed. In this phase you will be making your final decisions regarding your system specs ("Do we have enough floor jacks? One or two projectors/screens?"). We're now getting close to "final documentation".


Construction Documents


Here's where the design becomes committed. These are the blueprints that are used for the actual construction. Changes after this point can sometimes be made prior to construction, but usually result in "change orders" (where the electrical contractor, for example, needs to add additional conduits and needs to redo his contract). Change orders usually come at a premium, so we'll be checking with you prior to the "CD" closing date to confirm again on the design you've agreed on.