Theatrical lighting design is one of the most important elements for presentations. Designs vary in complexity from simply lighting a row of singers to multiple "intelligent" fixtures running a complex lighting program that changes focal points and colors on the fly! Along with the transition from analog to digital in the audio and video worlds, the transition from traditional theatrical lighting to primary LED-based lighting has changed this discipline tremendously in the past couple of years.

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"I am very pleased with the sound advice, quality of the components and training we have received from Clarity AVL at a very reasonable cost to our organization. Being able to have great sound reinforcement doing live children's musical theater in a very large reverberant auditorium is quite a challenge. We run up to 28 wireless microphones and PCC stage Microphones. We are using the new Iconyx line array performer's voices cutting through the reverberant field and the 'loud' live orchestra. Clarity AVL's solution for a portable sound system that will work for us in any large theater with enough gain before feedback and high intelligibility is the only solution that works for us."

Mark Coverdale

River City Theatre Company

Sacramento, California