Clarity AVL has served the West Coast as a premier audio-video-lighting system integrator for over 15 years. We have grown considerably since our founding, with our constant focus on creating solutions that allow our clients to spend the right amount for the best systems. We recognize that client need is much more than an excellent system. It is the ability of your media system to reinforce and extend your image; to allow your team to maximize their productive hours; to reduce downtime to negligible amounts; and communicate your own professionalism and passion.


Our initial reputation was made on performance audio systems. Designing and installing a loudspeaker system that exceeds common metrics for speech intelligibility; seamless overlap between elements; and sheer level is very difficult. For that reason a striking percentage of our audio installations are retrofits of auditoriums and performance facilities with relatively new systems. We use state of the art software and design tools; and continually upgrade our own capabilities with industry certifications.


As clients requestedd us to take care of more and more of their system needs, we have expanded into presentation video; control; acoustics; theatrical lighting; video conferencing and more. At each expansion we have added additional staffing, bothin our designs and installation teams to be sure that we bring the same level of expertise to each interlocking discipline.




A characteristic that makes us unique in the system integration field is our complete design/build process. This encompasses four stages; each one critical to projectt success:


Client interview/engineered proposal (link to "t1va150924-1053")

  • Initial site survey/stake-holder needs assessment

  • Preliminary design proposal for scope of work and budget approval


Preliminary project acceptance/system engineering (link to "t1va150924-1104")

  • system diagrams/CAD

  • power and signal requirements

  • project contracts


Off-site installation/shop fabrication (link to "t1va150924-1113")

  • Equipment ordering and staging

  • Rack fabrication/custom shop construction

  • Full documented system testing


On-site installation/system commissioning (link to "t1va150924-1125) 

  • Functioning systems installed on client site

  • System confirmation testing

  • Onsite system tuning/calibration

  • Site acceptance


Client Ownership Phase (link to "t1va150924-1141)