On-site installation/system commissioning


On the day you have scheduled us for the installation, our teams will load in the pre-tested systems and commence the onsite installation. We will have our certified installation team, led by our project managers and design engineers begin the system work per the design documents. Our lead project manager will interface with the client; general contractor; and other disciplines to assure that the project goes smoothly. Any unanticipated issues will be dealt with quickly to the client's satisfaction.


During this phase, we:

  • Install any structural elements, like flown loudspeakers; projectors; screens; theatrical lights

  • Locate system racks in appropriate rooms; connect to system wiring

  • Re-test all systems for complete function

  • Commission the system for final client approval:


Loudspeaker/drive system measurement and tuning

Projector alignment and focusing

Digital console client-specific programming

Theatrical lighting client-specific programming

Complete "quick-start" documents

Client systems training