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Innovation: Passion: Professionalism


Clarity AVL is a premier integration company specializing in customized presentation and communications solutions for the House of Worship; Education and Business markets. Based in Northern California, our projects take us up and down the West Coast.


Our passion is to execute projects  that allow our clients to spend at the right level to achieve their goals. This has been our focused drive for over 15 years. We are priveledged to ahve clients who have returned to us over and over again in solving their unique challenges.


We are chosen because our engineering focused design build process allows us to maximize value and minimize downtime for our clients. We use state-of-the-art software; industry-leading experts; a complete in-house fabricating and testing facility; and our certified installation team to make sure that your projects meets your performance and budget goals, and is completed with your timetable.


After the installation, our full project documentation and system training for your teams ensure that the project hand-off us seamless. Once you have accepted the project, our ongoing maintenance; system updates and training keep the installation functioning at its highest level for your organization. 


Our team is compromised of a number of unique individuals. We share a thirst for knowledge that has us devoting hours to research. We love to create unique solutions for every project, while building our systems on proven hardware and programming.


  • Recording Engineers

  • Professional Musicians

  • Degrees and Certifications