On-Site Operator Training


One of the most critical parts of an installation is the on-site training of the tech and performance personnel when the system is complete. This is when our educational skills come into play. We have developed curriculum with the information you need to get up and running right away. Our instructors have years of instruction under our belts, along with college teaching credits (and gold records.)


Training your tech team includes basic system operation, custom procedural and system templates, and technical rehearsals to confirm that you've gotten the system and the practices firmly in your grasp.


We'll provide your techs with system templates to allow you to rapidly set up the system to fit your presentations. Our praise team/performer seminar explains to the "talent" how they can deliver their best performances through the new system, and teaches both the "talent" and "techs" how to communicate so that they're still speaking warmly to one another in 6 months!