Engineered Systems Save Time and Money
Many potential clients are understandably unsure about the value of professionally engineered systems. The concern is that because there is a cost to this process, it is additional money being spent. We  have based our entire business model around the idea that engineering actually saves most clients money. Here's how:


The right equipment is installed and calibrated properly the first time. A single ill-advised equipment purchase can equal the cost of proper system design. Multiple inappropriate decisions tend to have a compounding effect. By avoiding this process, you can have the right system right now.


Time is your most precious resource. Our systems are designed and installed so you are up and running as quickly as possible. The processes we teach your techs will make your rehearsals and performances much more effective as well. Most of our clients find that the scarcest resource is volunteers. We have, again and again, seen the benefits of tech team retention and satisfaction from an easy-to-use, well designed system.


One-Call Systems Integration

Another challenge that shows up in installations is what happens when a problem is discovered. Within our group, we take care of the problem internally. You won't sit back and watch while different companies explain to you why it's the other guy's fault.


Documented Processes

Our standard operation model is to have specific, documented procedures. It's our firm belief that standardized processes allow creative work to flow more easily. It's also easier to calibrate systems and confirm system performance when there are specific metrics for each situation. Another benefit to professional documentation is that it makes it much easier for you down the road. When you are considering a system upgrade, an easy-to-understand line diagram showing you exactly what you have and where it is connected will again save you tme and frustration.


Dedication to Customer Service

At Clarity AVL we are acutely aware that our company's reputation rests on our ability to continually exceed customer's expectations. From replacing and programming a system processor on New Year's Eve to bringing a second system in to replace a stolen sound system just before the first Sunday Service, we have built our business model on taking care of customers first. the approach has served us well, as we have doubled in size each year of operation virtually on word-of-mouth referrals alone.